Now TV has been a revelation for Sky. Its arrival in 2012 meant a whole host of programmes that used to be strictly tethered to a satellite dish could be enjoyed without a contract. Now anyone can now enjoy Sky, as long as you have a broadband connection that can stream movies and TV shows.

The box is cheap – really cheap. You can get one for under around £20 and it comes with a (limited) free subscription to either the service’s movies, sports or TV offerings.

Sky now has two box options for Now TV. There’s this Now TV box to entice you to take up its non-contract shenanigans. Or the new Now TV Smart Box that marries both non-contract streaming and Freeview channels.

We’re here to tell you about the best Now TV shows available if you buy the monthly Entertainment Pass. Unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video, Sky’s shows tend to disappear a little quicker due to rights issues, but don’t fear – we will keep this list of the best Now TV shows constantly updated so you always know what’s available when you buy your monthly pass.

And if you don’t fancy anything, don’t forget to regularly check back as new content becomes available through the service.

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