Of the 14 corners of Valencia’s Circuit Ricardo Tormo, the scariest is the hard left-hander at the end of the half-mile straightaway. That’s because by the time you hit it, you’ve had the space to accumulate a triple-digit velocity, and for me, the time to worry about how to drop enough speed and make the turn without losing control of a half-million dollar supercar.

The 2017 Aventador S produces all the skin-tickling sounds and riotous thrust you expect from a Lamborghini. But this revised version of Sant’Agata Bolognese’s current flagship, which starts at $421,350, promises more than Sturm und Drang. Lamborghini built this car to make you race through that corner, and love doing it.

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Take that corner at speed in the first generation Aventador, which launched in 2011, and anything can happen. That car paired Lamborghini’s trademark alien looks with parent company Audi’s left-brain innovation, but was also prone to imbalanced handling and understeer (when the car doesn’t turn as predictably as it should).

But hey, range topping Lamborghinis—Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murcielago—have always had their quirks, if you’re comfortable calling a rowdy V12 with the user-friendliness of a chainsaw and the tractability of a 5150 suspect on the lam, quirky.